Manage Your Time Efficiently with DVD Software

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Much is spoken now about time-management and how vital it is for people in the modern world. Time is what we lack constantly and try to save to be able to enjoy ourselves watching a new movie or talking to a friend. By the way, speaking about movies, the majority of movie collections desperately need to be organized and cleverly managed taking into account how many movies there are in our collections... Easier said than done? Well, let me introduce All My Movies, the best time-manager for your DVD database!

Let's see which qualities of a good time-manager All My Movies possesses?

DVD Software - Main window screenshot DVD Software - Thumbnails view DVD Software - virtual shelf view

First of all, it is easy to use and very fast

To add movies to your collection, you don't have to waste time. The DVD software automatically downloads the details you need, colorful covers, information about actors, directors and other persons involved in the movies. You only have to select the online database from the long list available. If you happen to have movie database in text or Excel, you can easily import it to the program and start using it immediately. So, the program will save a good deal of time for you and does its job fast and brilliantly.

Another point to mark is flexibility of the DVD software and easy adjustability

You can change everything in the program in accordance with your needs and taste. This DVD software offers various visual modes (Virtual Shelf mode, Cover Thumbnail mode, title list being available), numerous templates for printing, exporting and displaying movie details. The interface is skinnable. So, the program can always offer you something exciting.

Then, it can solve complex tasks and has in its possession a set of effective tools

to solve challenging problems. The program has powerful tools for all of life's emergencies. Thus, using the program you can export your collection to pdf, Excel, HTML, CHM and even to image. If you need to have the complete list of movies at hand, you can export it to your mobile device and avoid buying the movie you have already got in your collection.

Being a good time-manager, this DVD software will help you systematize information

- all movie details are well-organized and clearly classified. In the program there are several directories collecting all the details about actors and directors, including their photos. According to many users, this program will make you more organized in other spheres of life. All My Movies will also help you avoid stress, as you will keep even a very large collection of movies under control thanks to its smart loan/return manager tuned up right the way you need it.

And attractiveness of this DVD software is a very nice bonus for such an effective manager, as All My Movies is really vivid, bright and stylish. So, manage your time and whole life more efficiently using this groundbreaking software.